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Date: Fri, 17 Dec 93 9:55:41 MET
From: Alexander Vrchoticky <alex[at]>
Subject: searching for mr. right, erm, david whittemore ...

(sorry for the early-eighties flashback in the subject line, also sorry:
* no jbc content.)

anyway, the gist <hehe> is: if anyone reading this uk-side has a means
to get in touch with david (who is currently somewhere in the uk), tell
him to either

* o pick me up from heathrow tonight, arriving 20:15 flight no OS 459
* (that's austrian airlines, flight 459), or

* o meet me at the jbc discs (cd) at the virgin megastore at noon
* tomorrow (hey, it's early and i can't think of a better meeting
* point right now).


Alexander Vrchoticky alex[at]
TU Vienna, CS/Real-Time Systems +43/1/58801-8173

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