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Date: Sun, 26 Dec 93 05:45:15 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: happy x-day and all that

the drinking is over, the festivities are done and i am back
from my vacation to fish town.

it was great to finally meet a few of the jbc-list people
and to see pat in his home environment. northampton (probably)
is an industrial city of a couple hundred thousand and its anyone's
guess as to why he prefers it there..

for those curious, pat is doing well during this down-time between tours.
he is content with his girl, his cat, and the incestious clan of
musicians who live in the area. pat's house is a smallish two story
filled with pascal legras paintings. the guest room is also the archive
room. i experienced sensory overload to say the least!
there are stacks and stacks of magazines, articles and pictures from
the last decade. there are also hundreds of cassettes littering the room -
live gigs, ancient demo tapes, home tapes, rough mixes, and other really
embarrassing stuff. unfortunately, he knows what damaging effects the
distribution of any of this material would have on his career..
sorry guys, but i did try.

one afternoon i stepped outside just in time to see a teenager in an ugly
purple windbreaker bend down to pick up a cigarette butt from the street.
pat, not having witnessed this, then stepped outside.
he said to me `mark that person, mark that person well -
for that is the BICYCLE KID'.
made perfect sense.

while i was there, i attended two gigs - the one on the 23rd at
the belgium (as i later learned is the code-name for `slurp's wino bar'),
and a very interesting x-mas gig on the 24th at the racehorse.

the belgium gig was just dooj, pat amd colin the drum machine.
there were no new tunes, and the only available recording device was a jam box.
it is pretty unlistenable. richard formby was supposed to be there too, but
he had other plans. sonic boom, and our own matt cockerill were there.
sonic looks frighteningly like a tall paul weller circa 85, except his hair
is equal-length on both sides of his head.
edwardc[at] was *supposed* to be there, but i didnt see
him. since i had told everyone here that the gig was at the "belgium", i
had a really horrible feeling that he had hopped on a plane, grabbed
a taxi and told the driver to take him to the (non-existent) "belgium".
ed? is this what happened? god i hope not..

the next night at the racehorse was a goody.
alan moore, pat, and david j plus several other locals were up on stage.
pat and david j opened with a few duets - `moscow drug club',
`everybody's talkin', 'hoagy charmichael never went to new orleans',
`little red corvette' (yup, the prince tune), and a teenage fan club song.
the last two tunes were at david j's insistance, and pat had been practicing
all day along with what he had taped down the telephone line when david
called him the night before.
pat did some fairly convincing eider twiddling on `hoagy charmichael', btw.
the show tape is nice, and is placed up for grabs.

note: alan moore should stick to his comic art - he cannot sing.

ben, the son of david j's girlfriend, asked for the jbc-list address,
so we may be seeing him here soon.

earlier this year i mentioned that there was supposed to be a creation
release of a "covers record". thumbing through pat's cache of test pressings,
i saw the unreleased article. unreleased, presumably, because of the version
of `over the rainbow' that i heard from it. hehehe. apparently,
creation didnt find the humor in a super-lush completely insincere `rainbow'.

jeez. what else? lots of late night drinking and talks, but then
pat likes to drink and talk.

oh yeah. the US release is a go for february. because of this, and partly
because it wouldnt have been economically feasible, i didnt pick up
any extra copies of the new album. i did find a "white label" copy
of the `edward's "cupboard"' compilation album. seems some entrepreneurial
radio DJ needed some change. the tracks are the same as the CD, though.

as promised, i copied some of the harder-to-find vinyl from my collection,
and the following are available to those who want them...
* from 1986 LP 12" GLASS GLAP104 (comes as free EP with GLALP020)
* Peter Lorre, Big Old Wind, Conspiracy (You'll Be All Right),
* Rebecca Wants Her Bike Back, Vienna Song,
* Grooving In The Bus Lane (Original), It Has To Be You, Thing
* 1987 LP 7" GLASS HMMM002
* Speedy Gonzalez, Knocking On Heavens Door, May I, Over You
* from 1987 LP GLASS GLALP023 Big Questions - The Gift Of Music Volume 2
* Olof Palme, City Of Night, The Hairbrush And The Tank, Mersey
* from 1990 LP 12" CREATION CRE083T We Love You
* We Love You (554 Mix)
* from 1990 LP 12" CREATION New Invention
* Almost Brooklyn
* 1985 LP REBEL/GLASS SPV081443 Hamburg
* all of it



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