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Date: Tue, 3 Jan 1995 9:30:30 EST
From: John Pitre <pitrej[at]>
Subject: the devil is my friend

greetings.... happy new year all.

I am a 31 year old nuclear engineer, originally from the maritimes in canada
(new brunswick specifically) but now living in urban exile in mississauga (a
suburb of toronto). I collect early 80s music on cd, (most recent score is that
pete shelleys homosapien is coming out on cd for the first time, but i digress)
Ive been listening to the jbc for about 10 years now, but didnt become a big
fan (outside of the song below) until cult of the basement, one of the most
diversely focussed albums i have had the pleasure of listening to. i also think
condition blue is a great album but im still warming up to the love bus...

I used to play this all the time in the late great days when i had a radio show
(chsr-97.9 stereo) and managed to glom a copy onto one of my archive tapes
before i left.....

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