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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 15:00:00 EST
From: "Camfield,Chris" <chrisc[at]>
Subject: "King of Joy" and other topics


Pat covers this song, by Bill Drummond (according to his words). Can anyone
fill me in on whether Mr. Drummond made music under his own name, or under
* a band's name, and in which case, what was the name of the band? (Or
bandS?) Will I have to search used record stores in the vinyl albums
section if I want to find anything by him? Was anything by him even
released in North America?

* Chris

PS Where'd all the traffic go? CHALLENGE: explain what the meaing of ALL
of the lyrics to "She's On Drugs" and their relevance in the song. Hey sha
la la la...

PPS Pat with a goatee? Ugh. Though I dare say Ms. McGinty has more say in
the matter than us, so if SHE doesn't mind, why should we? :)

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