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Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 21:14:42 -0500 (EST)
From: mrd[at] (Mitchell R Dickerman)
Subject: Blue Aeroplanes _Rough Music_

Oh man oh man, I've just finished my second listen to the new one from the
Blue Aeroplanes, _Rough Music_, and I think it's a masterpiece. Well, ok, it's
no _Swagger_, but it's not supposed to be. It's got an edge to it, 'rough' if
you will. There's not a weak track on it (the same can't be said for the
previous _Life Model_, which had it's peaks and valleys), and I attribute this
to two things: Alex Lee and Pat Fish. Alex has certainly become my favorite
guitarist - this from someone who just doesn't HAVE favorite guitarists. I
don't know if it's his style or his sound that attracts me so, but it's
wonderful. All of Strangelove play on the penumltimate track "Secret
Destination". Other fave tracks: "Scared" (great sound, fun lyrics), Rodney's
two tracks, and "James". One of the new guys, Jon Wygens, has added alot
to the band, too. I saw him when they played here in the fall, and he's a
brilliant guitarist and he adds a new creative force to the songwriting (he's
credited on 4 tracks).

I'm sure this'll wind up in my top 4 of '95. There's just not much chance of
more than three artists (Mark Burgess, Robyn Hitchcock or Butchie hisself)
putting out something more amazing than this. GO BUY IT! And for God's sake,
do not miss them live!!!


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