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Date: Mon, 6 Feb 1995 23:51:43 -0500
From: bxh18[at] (Brian Hendrich)
Subject: New guy on the list

Hey kids,

What a surprise--I have only a few friends who share my strange affinity
for the Jazz Butcher. I was in Seattle in the Summer of 1986, hating life
because it rained all of July. Anyway, JBC was playing that summer, and
that was the first I had heard of them. They were being hyped the only
"alternative" radio station in town at the time, which was AM, at that.
Wow, how alternative. Anyway, alas, I did not go to the show, and I have
been kicking myself for it ever since.

I picked up Fishcotheque a year or two later, and I was hooked after that.

I saw them in San Diego in about 1989 or so, in this little club called The
Casbah. It was smaller than they had expected, and before the show a
friend asked the drummer at the time what he thought about it. He said
they would just turn up the volume. And of course it was a mighty fine
show. Come to think of it, I think it was in support of Cult of the
Basement, or was it Big Planet, Scary Planet? I think the latter.

The next time they were in my town, I lived in the Bay Area (SF). They
played SanJose, and there were no more than 30 people in the club. They
had played SF the night before, so presumably all of the fans went to that
show. The opening band was some god-awful black-death thing, and Pat was
mighty amused by the whole thing. As they came out, he announced,"Hi,
we're The Velvet Underground, we'd like to thank The Mission for opening
for us." He proceeded to make fun of the other band all night long, and
towards the end he clued us in on what had irked him: "They called
(someone, I forget her name), Queen of the Dark, the T-shirt girl! I mean,
where have these infants been?!"

It was a fantastic show, as the fans of The Mission left early and the rest
of us were serious JBC fans. Everone was into it. Pat told us "you are
small but perectly formed," and even treated us with an ad-libbed, solo
rentition of Hungarian Love Song. He scoffed when someone requested
Bicycle Kid: "You MUST be joking!"

So that is the end of my JBC experience. No shows since then, I just
assumed that they don't come through here. I picked up In Bath of Bacon,
Sex and Travel, and A Scandal in Bohemia on two CDs. I have not picked up
The Love Bus, only because I have not seen it here.

There it is, my life with the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy. Hope you liked it.
Now I must get outta the lab, if you know what I mean.


Brian Hendrich
Department of Genetics
Case Western Reserve University
Tel: (216) 368-3518
Fax: (216) 368-3432

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