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Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 03:33:11 +0001 (EST)
From: MATTHEW M FOGEL <mf94br[at]>
Subject: Western Family

So, the Western Family thing on DAT is live JBC material from the
Condition Blue tour? Well, I haven't heard any pirates of the tour
myself, but I did see it when it flew by St. Catharines, ON. At the
show, I saw, the wall of flanged, chorused and reverbed telecaster was a
joy to hear. I think he openned with Still and All, played solo for the
first few minutes and it was fantastic. I'm sure it wouldn't have went
to tape that well, but it certainly proved that Pat can Rock when he
wants to. Most enjoyable during the show was a rendition of Party Time
with the lyrics changed from "cold bath....dislike" to "hot tub...Darryl
My cousin saw him in T.O. a week before I did. Perhaps he like to pollute
band width also...Tom?...Tom?

Oh yeah, my point. My point was, he was great in concert when I saw him,
maybe it was a mixing thing or maybe the distortion wasn't pushed to the
back like it is on his albums...

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