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Date: Wed, 8 Mar 95 10:16:50 GMT
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Sixteen Years

> hmm. its the 7th. anyone have the new single?

It's the 8th now. I remembered at about 11 o'clock on the 6th that it was The
Day Of The Single and nipped out to Avalanche Records to buy it. Nice shop,
had a curious chat with the strange man in charge about the economics of
stocking JBC records: "some years you'll sell a dozen. The next year, none" as
it happens, they were trusting in sales this year and actually *had* the damn

this is my $0.02:

cover concept: out of focus.

Sixteen Years: cool. not only that, but spot on. Well, I hate them anyway.
I couldn't help but notice that it bears a startling resemblence to The Fatima
Mansions - right down to the strangely slightly distorted voice. "Blues for
John Major" anyone?

Truck of Fear: yeeehaaa.

Surf Gear in Idaho: is this not a grower? thought it was weak at first but
since the CD is in my player on repeat at the moment (pretty sad, considering
it's only four tracks), I've grown to *love* this song already.

Waiting for Sumo: filler, surely?

It's not Girl Go is it? But it rocks and - after the slight acclimatisation
that comes with any new JBC release (why does he *never* release songs that
sound like the last one? Other bands can manage it..) - it's a killer.

but I can see the reviews now: insipid grunge attempt by aging muso.


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