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Date: Wed, 8 Mar 1995 21:58:55 -0700
From: nerini[at]-remove-PrimeNet.Com (Will Nerini)
Subject: Jazz Butcher Guitar...

>Being an intermediate guitar player and a
>huge JBC fan, I've spent countless leisure hours
>trying reproduce the magic of Mr. Eider and
>Mr. Fish on my secondhand acoustic, and am
>wondering if anyone else has done the same.
>I'd be interested in swapping some hand-scribbled
>chords with anyone who is interested.
>So far, I've nailed Olof Palmer, Girls Who Keep
>Goldfish, Still and All, and Angels (I think).

Hey! Pat and Max are my inspirations. I've got Girlfriend, Angels(it's that
G - CMaj& thing!), Mind like a playgroup, Down the Drain, and Big ole wind..

I'd also like to know if anyone here on the list can tell me the quickest
way to get permission to actually cover a couple of JBC tunes on my new album!

Will Nerini

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