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Date: Mon, 13 Mar 95 09:54:06 CST
From: JOE BEAULIEU <jbeauli[at]>
Subject: the new single

I picked up Sixteen Years at Reckless Records in Chicago. I picked up
* the cd because it had more songs, but they also had a 7" single.

* Here's my humble opinion:

* 1) Sixteen Years - Pat sings the Communist Manifesto. Someone's been
* listening to too much Billy Bragg. But that's ok, I'll just pretend that
* he's singing the PRAISES of privatization.

* 2) Truck of Fear - Sounds like something written for Scandal in Bohemia
* with Big Planet Scary Planet production. I only listened to it once, so
* I may be off the mark here.

* 3) Surf Gear in Idaho - The REAL reason to buy the single. Pat's voice
* has never sounded better than it sounds here. I hope that Illuminate has
* lots of this stuff on it. I'll have to listen to it again, but I would
* swear that the chorus has something in it about "the hero of the people".
* There's also some stuff about the government, too. Is this another
* political song?

* (Maybe Pat should pick up a copy of Killdozer's "The Uncomprimising War
* On Art Under the Dictatorship of the Proletariat". It's their Communism
* concept album, and its really funny).

* 4) Waiting for Sumo - what is there to say?

* So all in all, it has what you expect from a single - one good song.
* After that, everything else is gravy. I still have to make up my mind
* about "Truck of Fear".

* On the same trip to the record store I also picked up the new
* CakeKitchen (New Zealand pop), the new Killdozer ("God Hears the Pleas of
* the Innocent"), and the new Archers of Loaf ("Vee Vee").

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