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Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 13:09:24 -0500 (EST)
From: PALMATA[at]
Subject: Fish-Friendly Stores

While I was on my break last week I decided to check out the record
stores in downtown Albany (NY). Unfortunately, I only managed to go
to one store before blowing about $45 dollars (actually, it's an
investment). After leaving Rhino I decided not to go anywhere else.
At Rhino I found very good used copies of Cult Of The Basement and
Condition Blue, plus a brand new still-in-shrink-wrap 12" single for
Girl Go. Later on during the week, I went to the local Media Play for
a couple of new cds to review for my college paper, and guess what I
saw? The store ACTUALLY had a name card just for JBC in the cd bin
(hence the subject heading at the top of this message)! They only had
one cd--Waiting For The Love Bus, but I couldn't afford it. Someday,
when I have money to spend on music again, I will go back to that
store and get it. BTW, Media Play is a chain, so there very well may
be one in your area (that is, if you live in the US). It's a great
store; their new releases are usually never more than $13 for cds. I
say this is good in comparison to some of the mall chains like Sam
Goody, Camelot, and Record Town (aka NOT! Record Town,
We-Sell-No-Records Town). They're even better than Rhino Records,
which isn't really a chain (well, they have 3 stores across the whole
country, and rumor has it that ours may be closing). I haven't seen
that new single around yet, but Cobleskill has no record stores
anyway. Now, what's this thing about Pat getting together with a
bunch of former conspirators? Are the Haskins brothers included in
this? Everybody, we must all thank Mr. Fish for re-releasing Sex And
Travel and A Scandal In Bohemia (thanks, Pat!). I do hope they come
out relatively soon, and are also made available here in the good ol' US
of A. I'm still going to get a dubbed copy of them from Jennie Bolton
'cause I can't wait to hear them!

* --Tracy

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