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Date: Mon, 13 Mar 95 18:48:42 GMT
From: Jim.Davies[at]
Subject: the new single

And now the shopping forecast...

* From: JOE BEAULIEU <jbeauli[at]-remove-com.mstar>

* I picked up Sixteen Years at Reckless Records in Chicago. I picked up
* the cd because it had more songs, but they also had a 7" single.

Consumer thought process. Clunk. I also bought the CD. I don't have
a record player. Easy.

* Here's my humble opinion:

* 1) Sixteen Years - Pat sings the Communist Manifesto.

* Someone's been listening to too much Billy Bragg. But that's
* ok, I'll just pretend that
* he's singing the PRAISES of privatization.

You're winding me up. You're not? Ah. You don't know much about
European politics? That's fine. But for the sake of your dinner
party conversation, you should be aware that your opinions are sharply
at odds with the majority view over here. It doesn't necessarily mean
that they'd vote for Billy Bragg, but most people have a distinct
feeling that they've been ripped off.

Yeah, and (i) it is far more likely that Pat has been listening to too
much Eno and Cale, if such a thing were possible (ii) the song doesn't
work if you pretend; come to think of it, nothing much does. Yeah, I
know you're probably only being light-hearted and I'm over-reacting,
but that song hit the spot. Like the right drink at the right time.
The right person walking in the room. Yeah, I liked it. Next please.

* 2) Truck of Fear - Sounds like something written for Scandal in Bohemia
* with Big Planet Scary Planet production. I only listened to it once, so
* I may be off the mark here.

Actually, I can't help but agree with you here. Damn it. You're
right. Next please.

* 3) Surf Gear in Idaho - The REAL reason to buy the single. Pat's voice
* has never sounded better than it sounds here. I hope that
* Illuminate has
* lots of this stuff on it. I'll have to listen to it again, but I would
* swear that the chorus has something in it about "the hero of
* the people".
* There's also some stuff about the government, too. Is this another
* political song?

Yep. Politics again, just when I was expecting a song about sex in a
time-lapse river sunset with abandoned punts and a hankerchief covered
in hieroglyphics. It's always struck me that there's no line between
personal and political, and Pat's music has always been personal. On
the other hand, this is political, and it's fucking brilliant.

So.... I'm glad you liked it. I did too. Great stuff. Now where's
the album?


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