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Date: Tue Mar 14 11:46:56 CST 1995
From: dbuege[at]
Subject: Blue Aeroplanes

Hey Partytimers,

I've finally found time to introduce myself. I'm Doug, a professor of
environmental philosophy at the University of Wisconsin--Stevens Point. I'm
also a disc jockey at our campus radio station, WWSP 90fm, Wednesdays from
3-6pm CST. It was as an undergrad here in the mid-80s that I first discovered
Pat and his cast of madcaps. "Domestic Animal" was the first tune that turned
me on to this fellow philosopher. Since then I've seen the JBC three
times and have reasonable bootlegs of those shows, one in Milwaukee (1988)
and two at First Avenue in Minneapolis (later). At one of the MPLS gigs, I
sent the band a sixer of Hacker Pschorr Dark and went backstage where Pat
scrawled some graffiti on the wall: "US out of the alphabet." I agree with
his politics and will hold this in my heart as a key moment in my life.

I wanted to point out that Pat is a key component on the latest Blue
Aeroplanes release, "Rough Music." I want to know more about the connection
between Pat and the BAs, particularly concerning the enigmatic Gerard
Langley. I must say that the BAs are one of the most fantastic
guitar-poetry projects around. Pat has recommended The Perfect Disaster and
Spacemen 3 in the past. I enjoy both but the Aeroplanes have lifted me to
unseen musical levels, particularly in concert where the stereophonic
effects were remarkably trippy. Anybody know anything about these bizarre
connections? Pat, you out there? Please send Hacker Pschorr!

"Peter Lorre, he's a brick"

Douglas J. Buege

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