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Date: Thu, 30 Mar 1995 17:06:02 +0001 (EST)
From: MATTHEW M FOGEL <mf94br[at]>
Subject: Best of...

On Mon, 27 Mar 1995, MATTHEW M FOGEL wrote:
(Unfortunately, He couldn't mail his way out of a hole in the wall, so
he's resending it today...Sorry Folks!
> On Thu, 23 Mar 1995, GUD ! wrote:
> > The Very Best of ...
> >
> > Hmm, sounds like a bad title for an album (havent we heard that one before??)
> Yup, I'd reckon a couple of times..
> > However, it COULD be interesting to know peoples opinions about Pats songs.
> You asked for it Nic...(Grin...That sounds as if I'm about to flame you
> or something) Actually, Here are my humble thoughts on the JBC.
> I Think the early stuff with the first "Conspiracy" Sirkorskis from
> hell?...Well, Dave, Max and the gang, at least, was fantastic. It was
> fresh, simple (In production, not ability) and I think, very endearing.
> It was hilarious, but it made you think. Pat's early stuff is funnier
> than They Might Be Giants, but also intelligent and thought-provoking.
> (OK...Mind Like A Playgroup isn't exactly Chaucer, but even it makes you
> think...I can relate to it at least. Everyone's always dumping their
> problems on me, and it does tend to get me quite addled.) But from this
> we see that even his most non-sensical songs have depth...That's a hell
> of a lot more than can be said about the Nirvanas and Madonnas of this world.
> I think I rambled...well. Musically, Butch's diversity has always been a
> high-point for me, from the folky Cruising in The Buslane, to the jazzy
> Partytime to the all out rock of Panic in Room 109. It makes me giddy.
> As for the post Fishcotheque stuff, (With the Second group of
> Conspiraters) I say whoo hoo...Alex Green's sax work added so much to
> songs like Spooky, Blame, Swell and Girls Say Yes.
> The feedback thoughout Suzie is great, especially the ending, where the
> amp begins to tweet and squeak (Hell to hear in concert (The Squeaks I
> mean) but fantastic on disk)
> > But songs like Marnie and Roadrunner are not the kind of "hits" that would
> > get on such an album. Its more songs like Pineaple Tuesday, Gilrs Say Yes,
> > Angel Station - songs who could make a single of their own today - I would
> > put on such a record.
> "Next Move Sideways", "Suzie", "Sara, Whitfield and The Birchfield Road
> Affair", "Still and All", "She's A YoYo", "Mr. Odd"...Heck, there are so
> many newer tunes that rule...We're talking about a Box Set Collection,
> now!
> Or maybe I'm just a synchophant.
> > Not that I dont like the old songs - but I like them as RECORDS, not as
> > individual songs.
> Waiting For The Love Bus hasn't left my CD player, since I got it.
> But, as I said before, I do love the early stuff too. It's just so
> real...His outlook on life in those days shone through in his music.
> But As Pat said himself in the local paper a few years ago. (And I
> paraphrase, so I hope I get the ghist of what he said..) The Standard in
> St. Kitt's asked Butch:"What about those people still hanging off of
> Distressed Gentlefolk?" To which he replied:"Let 'em hang."
> I take that to mean, if you like his old stuff, cool, but he's gonna keep
> on writing new tunes (Or something...It probally means what it says)
> And to sum up sorta...I like the new stuff. It's more serious, sure, but
> there is still a mischeivous air about it. He has a knack for writing
> good pop tunes with well...intelligence.
> >Nic.
> That Which Is A Sycophant
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