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Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 13:46:16 +0100
From: cockerill[at] (Matt Cockerill)
Subject: Angels and the sensitive Pat

>It always kind of throws me off guard when Pat switches to "sensitive
>mode," being more used to his caustic wit. It makes the more emotionally
>charged songs even more affecting..."Angels," "The Good Ones,"
>"Racheland," and the like.

For anyone who broke up with a girlfriend during the first run of Twin
Peaks and then, a year later, listened to Racheland (I think) :

Bravo is rescreening Twin Peaks starting tonight (Tuesdays, 9pm) (as I
type, in fact). Better go watch it, for old times sake...


Matthew Cockerill Tel 44 171 269 3877
Imperial Cancer Research Fund (Cell Cycle Group) Fax 44 171 269 3801

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