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Date: Sat, 8 Apr 1995 00:24:46 -0400
From: Chris Camfield <ccamfiel[at]>
Subject: Toronto's WAREHOUSE sucks!

Found this on; this is in reference more specifically to
something Pat talks about in the liner notes of Spooky.


In article <3m1hr4$l7m[at]> you write:
>Re: Toronto's WAREHOUSE sucks!
>I have to agree with the above sentiment; I have seen numerous shows
>there over the years, and the sound has ranged from poor to absoutely
>abysmal! One particular instance springs to mind: The Jazz Butcher, about
>6 years ago or so. The sound was so bad, that the band actually
>apologized for it on their next CD!! As I recall, it went something like
>"We apologize for the sound at our Toronto show, but it was due to
>circumstances beyond our control". I remember standing by the soundman
>and watching him desperately twiddle knobs to no avail; he had a really
>worried expression on his face, and I told him he should just turn the
>master volume down a notch or two, but I guess he thought he knew best.
>After seeing so many shows there with bad sound, I am loath to ever go
>back. I guess if someone I would't miss at any price played there, like
>Nick Cave, I would go, but after the horrible sound Nick got there in
>1989, I don't think he'll ever play there again anyway.
>Of course, the venue is not the _only_ problem, although it is the root
>cause. Near-deaf soundmen who overdrive sound systems in a building known
>to have bad acoustics are as much to blame as the venue itself!! Why is
>it that so many live sound engineers feel they have to produce more
>distortion in the PA than the guitarist is getting out of his Marshall
>stack? Let's start a thread on _that_ subject!
>On a whim, I've decided to compile a little list of shows that I have
>seen at RPM/Warehouse over the years, and rate the sound quality as far
>as I can remember it.
>Year Band Sound
>---- -------------------- ---------------------------------
>1988 Tackead Sound System Not too bad, but too loud.
>1988? The Jazz Butcher Abysmal (see above)
>1989 Nick Cave First set horrible, 2nd set better.
>1991 Psychic TV Mediocre
>1992 Ride Shitty
>1993 Buzzcocks Passable, but very muddy and echoey.
>On the whole, not a very impressive track record, is it? I think I may
>have seen more shows than this there, but my brain has probably blotted
>it out, as the human mind often does with traumatic experiences :)
>Pharaoh Chromium

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