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Date: Sat, 08 Apr 1995 10:15:43 EST
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: Toronto's WAREHOUSE sucks!

> Is it possible that Pat travels with his own sub-standard sound
> man? I have no idea how these club tours work. Is it customary
> for bands to have their own sound man, or does the club normally
> do the work?

the JBC have used their own soundmen everytime
i have seen them on tour (since 89).

89 & 90 NA tours were under the controls of Martin Stebbing
(perhaps better known as The Rev Whiteblood Fleming), who
recorded Cult Of The Basement.
92 was Iain O'higgins, who recorded the Spooky disc.

so it isn't as if the soundmen miss the point of the JBC.
also, both martin and iain have their names all over releases
by other bands as studio engineers - they are really good.
martin in particular is a excellent live soundman, and he
has been working almost continuously with Poi Dog Pondering
for the last year. i think martin did a better job than iain,
but it is only little things - like how quickly the delay
settings are changed to match the song tempo, selection of reverbs -
the sorts of things you notice when you listen to live tapes.
Iain was the soundman for the 92 (Western Family) tour - if you
listen to that disc, on some songs (like Sister Death) the vocal
effects aren't quite "right" (to my ears).

what makes a bad night out?
the sound really is more dependent on the room
than anything else. the club-provided stagehand who runs the
band's monitors often is clueless, which can cause feedback problems.

(frantically packing for a cross-country move)

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