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Date: Wed, 12 Apr 95 13:47:02 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Illuminations concerning John A Rivers


Is there any problem in anyone getting hold of Illuminate? I was just in my
once-favourite record store trying to collect the copy that I am owed and the
bloke there (and the distributer bloke who had also popped in) have still to
come up with the goods.

Apparently, it is now released. They were unsure whether or not it was out
this Monday (ie 10th) or the previous week (the 3rd, which was the official
release date). Consensus seems to suggest that it was actually THIS week, ie
late. But confusion surrounds them because they were sent a promo copy at the
end of March by Creation and seem to have sold the damn thing, mistaking it
for the copy I ordered and the distributor bloke in the van didn't have a
clue. Anyway, I am promised a copy THIS weekend. Does anyone else know what
the actual day of release was...? Or when they might get their hands on it?


John A Rivers Trivia.

Add fuel to the fire of the largely irrelevant debate about J.A.R.
I should add a couple more top waxings by the man:

* Maurice Deebank's solo (ex Felt) album. Actually pretty
* undistinguished and indistinguishable from Splendour of
* Fear, aside from a couple of superb standout tracks.

* The Brilliant Corners. Certainly the "Somebody up there likes
* me" LP and the "Why do you have to go out with him when you
* could go out with me" EP are Rivers-made. In any case, I
* like this band a lot and there are fewer bands who so
* accurately capture the utter teenage angst thing without
* diving into shite poetry (like the Smiths). Bristol-based
* buddies of the Blue Aeroplanes as well.

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