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Date: 12 Apr 1995 17:13:44 U
From: "Sheila Craig" <sheila_craig1[at]-remove-qmail.Newbridge.COM>
Subject: The best 3-chord song

CYBERMAIL from Sheila_Craig[at]-remove-newb The best 3-chord song


I just found about this mailing list yesterday when Chris somebody (Sorry,
I've deleted your mail!) posted a message on that mentioned
the Jazz Butcher. I haven't heard much about the Jazz Butcher in a long time
so I decided I should check this out.

I first encounted the JB through a friend with whom I jam. I can sing pretty
well, but my guitar playing is somewhat limited. Rich is good at finding easy
but fun things for us to play - I plug away on the chords & he rocks out on
the lead. The second song we learned together was "Southern Mark Smith",
which Rich introduced to me as "the best 3-chord song in the world".

Well it is! It's been one of our favourites ever since. Following that intro,
I saw the JB play at Zaphod's in Ottawa about 3 years ago. Poor Pat Fish had
a terrible toothache at the time, but persevered and gave us a great show. I
have the JB album with SMS on it (...what's it called...) and love it, but
haven't heard alot else. What should my next CD be?


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