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Date: Sun, 16 Apr 1995 08:51:17 +0059 (EDT)
From: MATTHEW M FOGEL <mf94br[at]>
Subject: Illuminate

Drat! Drat! Drat! Drat!

I had all these wonderful plans of "Illuminating" my Easter weekend with
the new JBC release and wouldn't you know my luck? I couldn't find it
anywhere in St. Catharines.(Canada) Which brings me to the big
question. Is the Jazz Butcher still distributed by Polygram in Canada
(Via Creation...of course) or am I straight out of luck, being a Canuck?

over here! (Well, most of us do...)

That Which Is Matt

: That Which Is MATT "The silence roared displeasure:looking down :
: He saw the shadow of an Average Man :
: Attempting the exceptional, and ran." --W.H. Auden:
: :
: Matthew M.J. Fogel (mf94br[at] :

"And you were the best girl that I ever knew...Oh Mersey, I'll just save
my love for you." -- The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy

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