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Date: Tue, 18 Apr 95 12:44:43 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Illuminate

joe gushed:
> Illuminate is the best JBC record of the 90's, in my opinion. This
> record has so many good songs on it, I can't even begin to rave enough
> about them.

well... yes and no.

Finally cracked on Friday and went to HMV and they had it in and now the
bloke who used to be my buddy at Avalanche records is now my enemy for
forcing me to buy the damn album from HMV and he's holding a copy for me AS
I SPEAK but I don't care... serves him right. Hope he goes bankrupt.

Oh - and I've got lyrics to about five or six songs worked out nearly.
"Cute Submarines" is a tricky one with some mumbling and I can't get it
all, so I'll put the whole lot on my http server tomorrow. Please could
those with the album check them out (URL below) and fill in the gaps before
I forward them to David? Much appreciated.

Future reference to illumistuff:

Anyone notice that the jbc-list plug inside the illuminate booklet has a
typo in the URL? tsk. Oh, and at least two illustrious members of the
jbc-list past and present get a name check: oor David and Syd "sad git"

The good songs on Illuminate are very very good. The bad ones are quite bad.

Bad songs: really don't like "Old Snakey" and "Sumo". Sumo we know about.
It's filler. Old Snakey is just, well, I don't know. Sounds like an old
Madness song in bits. Hard to describe, does nothing for me. Oh and I'm not
too keen on Lulu's Nightmare.

But hell - that's only four songs. The other twelve ROCK. Mostly. Dooj is
surely the star of the album (as pointed by KJ) with his amazing squilggly
synth noises.

If I had to choose a 'feel' for the album, I'd say it's sort of like
Ghosts. Certainly the two most wonderful tracks ("When Eno Sings" and the
unmatchably brilliant "Land") have that sort of busy-busy pop feel to them
like what Ghosts has.

Should just stress again how wonderful "Land" is. Beware of shopping in the
supermarket with this on the walkman or you might find yourself startling
shoppers by stopping near the eggs and saying "Look! There are some
pterodactyls" with this huge 'this song would make me smile whatever' grin
on your face.

but enough rambling from me


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