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Date: Tue, 25 Apr 1995 14:01:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: David Good <dggood[at]>
Subject: Hello

* Well, I think I've been lurking around long enough. I've
gathered you all here to reveal my true identity. My name is David Good
a.k.a. David der Gute, and I'm a huge fan of the Jazz Butcher. I study
English and German at California State University, Long Beach. I'll be
graduated soon, and I'll be losing my computer privileges then, so I'll
only be around for a short while longer.
* My love of the Jazz Butcher started back in the Spring of '90. I
was working at Middle Earth Records in Downey, CA. Too old for the
depressing crap I had been listening to, I was searching for something I
could enjoy in my post-teenage years. I've always been a fan of the
Beatles and everything that expressed my bitter-sweet character.
Bitter-sweet is unfortunately the most common word used to describe me,
but it's OK because it suits me now that I'm in my midish-20's. Anyway,
I needed something new in place of the junk I had been listening to (I
won't name names), and the JBC was just what I needed. I found one of
his CD's at the store, and put it in the player, despite the whining of
my fellow workers, and I knew that I had found a friend.
* The Spring of '90 must have been a good time to sign on because
there were still copies of the Glass records floating around. It's
almost embarrassing, but I have everything a JBC fan could want, except a
CD of Bath of Bacon. I hope that the Fire reissues of the Glass stuff
will help bridge the gap to the Creation stuff. Once you've heard Zombie
Love, Sister Death makes a hell of a lot more sense [cool Americanism
there Ed.]
* Pat Fish has also made an impact in my personal life. All of his
talk of sex and travel inspired me to learn German and to get out there
try it out for myself. I was a bit suspicious about the sex part, but
the travel thing worked out well. I've lived in Germany twice because of
him. By the time I got there, the female spies were gone from Berlin,
but I managed. Now I know exactly what he meant by, "Now we do the au
revoir, and a curse on the ocean." If Pat gets to see this, I'd like to
thank him for the good advise that was well taken.
* Wellp, that about does it. Thanks for letting me go on, but I
have listened to youins [Pittsburgh speak for the second person plural.]
I'll try to speak up a bit more.

David Good
* also known as
David der Gute
e-mail dggood[at]

PS. I'm holding back comments on the new JBC for now, but I'm not
very happy about the single having all of the songs that are on the
album. Am I the only one who suspects that we are still paying for the
last My Bloody Valentine record?

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