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Date: Sun, 30 Apr 1995 21:01:14 -0500 (EST)
From: PALMATA[at]
Subject: A Couple Of Dillemmas

Hello! I'm making a tape for somebody on another mailing list, and she wants me
to give her some JBC stuff. Thing is, I've only got about half of a side of
tape to work with, so I decided to pick one song from each album I've got
(which is four). Now here's the dilemma--whilst listening to Distressed
Gentlefolk, I couldn't decide which one of the following four songs to use:
* Big Bad Thing
* Hungarian Love Song
* Who Loves You Now?
* Domestic Animal

Can anybody give me a suggestion? I'm probably going to have a hard time trying
to pick one from Cult Of The Basement too (it's either She's On Drugs, Mr. Odd,
Turtle Bait, or Sister Death). Say, has anybody noticed how Max Eider kind of
sounds a little like David J. just not as whispery? I think he does, anyway. It
definitely makes me see how David fits well into the JBC. Which brings me to my
second dilemma--I'll be leaving you all in a couple of weeks when I graduate,
and am practically desperate to have a copy of Sex And Travel and A Scandal In
Bohemia. Is anybody out there willing to tape these for me? Please? I don't
have anything to trade, that is unless you're a die-hard Bauhaus fan like me
and would like some interesting bootlegs.

* --Tracy

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