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Date: Tue, 2 May 1995 13:01:40 -0600 (MDT)
From: schwicke[at] (drew schwickerath)
Subject: boarding the bus

well, i feel bad, since i didn't introduce myself when i signed on to
the list, so now i'm making amends.

when? i first was introduced to jbc by my sister around 86-ish with
distressed gentlefolk. i thought it was great. around the same time,
i vaguely remember seeing a video for domestic animal. but time
passes. then, one evening the artist feature on the local college
station was cult of the basement (fall 89). i'm reminded how much i
like this music, and i rush out the next day only to find that no
music shop in town carries it, the employee's suggest looking under b
for butcher ( %) ) (including the shop that sponsered the artist
feature the previous night - go figure). finally i find a copy of it
on tape, as well as fishcotheque. i've been hooked ever since.

last week i started calling around, attempting to locate illuminate.
the first couple of stores didn't even have the creation releases in
their catalogues. one suggested that illumate wasn't out yet.
finally, i call up my *new favorite* record store. the owner said,
"we don't have it in stock." when i went to order it, he wouldn't let
me. his response: "we have to have this in stock. we'll have a copy
on the shelves on tuesday." this was friday. pretty good service,
eh? :)

concerts? well, don't know that the jbc has come to colorado in the
last 10 or 15 years i've lived here, so i haven't gotten to see pat

other music? well, since i was so rude and posted a query before i
posted this, you know that i dig david j. overall, my listening is
broad, though recent selections have been cocteau twin, dramarama,
peter murphy (should the world fail...), heatmiser (and elliot smith),
benjamin arthur ellis, the bulgarian choir (les mystere
voix...), cabaret voltaire (the conversation), the style council...yes
pretty much a mixed bag. i haven't heard max eider yet, but i'll have
to check him out. always open to suggestions. - drew
// trapped in graduate student hell

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