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Date: Tue, 2 May 95 21:34:02 PDT
From: Tony Liano <tonyli[at]>
Subject: Enough, already!

>This group is starting to sound like a virtual twelve-step meeting.
"Hullo, my
>name is Skeezix and I'm a fishaholic...."

Yes, I am a fishaholic, and this list has helped me with deal with my
illness by
knowing there are others suffering...

>I just hope that this doesn't start a flame war, cause this is one of
the only lists
>I've never seen one of those on.

Damn right, and we aren't going to have one now. Let this message be the last
on the topic.

Now .. let's get back to "bingo with Jesus" and "girls who keep goldfish".

tonyli[at] "I just want to drink 'til I can't see" - JBC

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