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Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 18:21:21 +0200
From: Per.Stam[at] (Per Stam)
Subject: La Mer/Little Rabbits

La Mer sung by Little Rabbits

I wonder if anyone has heard the french popgroup The Little Rabbits'
version of La Mer? It's quite funny, because of the paradox of frenchmen
singing the butcher's schoolfrench, maybe even more schoollike than the
original! And this on an album with englishlyricked (strange word) songs!

The album: Dans les faux puits rouges et gris (Single K.O./Virgin France
1991), which includes a cover of Go-Betweens Karen, and songs like Non c'=E8
domani (which could be italian, but musically sounds a lot like JBs
Marnie!), A portrait of the nephew as a young thief, etc.

A second album is rumoured to exist, at least I read about the recording in
a french magazine. Does anyone know??

"Tout le monde va =E0 la plage, parce qu' il est bien jolie."

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la mer
I'm English and I know the little rabbits version. Every time it
gets played on the radio I get money for it. Ha the fuck ha.
3Nov2005 6:50 PM
I'm french, and I know very well the french version of "la mer", by the littles rabbits (I got the album "dans les faux-puits..." since... about 10 years) but, I have to admit that I've never heard the jazz butcher's version (but I will, for sure).
I like a lot this song. But, "dans les faux-puits..." is an old disc, now, so, I don't listen this song very often.
anyway, I'm happy to know that you are intersted by this band.
sorry for my english.
ps: "non c domani", italiano. ;)
whatever, France 2Aug2004 3:09 PM