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Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 15:07:47 +0800
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Subject: Triffids

>Never in my life have I run across another living soul who has heard of these
>fellows. I bought Calenture back in the Winter of 1987 when it was released,
>and it still receives a fair bit of play on my CD rack. Unfortunately, I
>heard another release from them, and wondered what ever happened to them. Any
>news, old or new?
* Well, I come from their home town (Perth, Western Australia), and I
am a big fan, and I used to DJ on an alternative/ local music radio show
here, so what do you want to know?

>The Triffs have released several albums apart from Calenture, the last new one
>being in 1989/90. It was called Black Swan and frankly was not very good.

* I thought Black Swan was great, though a little confused, as the
various members of the band (David McComb particularly) where starting to
move in different musical directions. Some of his contributions are a
little silly.

* I personally thought Calenture was one of their weaker albums,
tending towards more conventional pop (it was a self-conscious attempt to
break into the mainstream a little), while their earlier stuff was often
more country influenced, though really innovative. My girlfriend is really
fond of Calenture, though, so don't let me put you off. They vary from
being rather melodramatic to being quite understated, often on the same

* I particulary recommend 'Born Sandy Devotional' as my favourite
album, and also 'Raining Pleasure', an early but a goody. But between me
and my girlfriend we own every album and a lot of the other stuff, and we
like them all, so buy what you can find. In The Pines is nice, too, a
psuedo live album recorded in a shearing shed (their extremely large liquor
bill is repeated in the liner notes).
* David McComb also appears on the first Black Eyed Susans album, the
name of which escapes me. This band started as a party band, something to
fill in a month or two while peoples real bands where in hiatus, and as
they amassed more original songs and the real bands broke up, it eventually
became permanent. The party band version played lots of Velvet Underground
and Prince covers.

* If you have any other questions about the Triffids, ask away.
* Cheers
* David Cake

>Dave Zembower

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