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Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 09:20:53 -0600 (MDT)
From: SLHKS[at]
Subject: last call for fave bands survey...

Sorry to bug everyone again, but this is the last time. A few votes have come
in over the last few days, and there are probably more out there. I'll be
taking them through the week, and I plan on posting the results next Monday

Once again (and this is the last time, I promise :) here's the format. Send a
short list of your five (5) favorite bands (I know its hard to narrow it down
to just five, *believe* me!)--jbc not included--to me at "slhks[at]".
So as to be fair to all, I'm only counting five for each person, even if you
beg for more votes.

When I tally up the votes, I will include each and every choice, not just the
topten, or whatever. I'm not really interested in categorizing or otherwise
pideon-holing the tastes of the illustrious members of the list. However, I can
say that most of us seem to have tastes that are: 1) eclectic; and 2) quite

Remember, the deadline is this Saturday to get your votes in! Thanks.

-Greg B

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