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Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 02:30:09 +0059 (EDT)
From: MATTHEW M FOGEL <mf94br[at]>
Subject: "we were taking tiger mountain"

On Tue, 16 May 1995, David Whittemore wrote:

> > ccamfield[at]
> > Does anyone know if this line from When Eno Sings is from
> "like taking tiger mountain, loaded as well..." - Forever
> album titles, son:
> tiger mountain - brian eno
> loaded - velvet underground..
> for those who don't instinctively understand the inspiration
> behind "when eno sings", i recommend the 1990 brian eno/john cale
> album Wrong Way Up. it has been awhile since i gave it a spin,
> but it does hold up. brian's voice is god-like.
> -david

And his work with James was amazing. IMHO, he single handedly changed
there sound for the better. (Not that their "Smithish" stuff was bad or
anything) But it really brought a Velvet Underground feel out of them.
(With the improvising and stuff)

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: Attempting the exceptional, and ran." --W.H. Auden:
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: Matthew M.J. Fogel (mf94br[at] :

Who knows this is off topic, but interesting, nonetheless.

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