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Date: Sat, 20 May 1995 00:44:03 -0700
From: philos[at] (John Dylan Cooper)
Subject: Surf Gear in Idaho

While monitoring the recording of a tape for another list member, I just
figured out a previously undeciphered lyrical snippet from "Surf Gear in

"...We need a strong man's hand
We need a North/Quayle ticket <--
We need...[still undeciphered]
Just like we need

Surf gear in Idaho"

(On the Web page this is transcribed as "Northbound ticket".)

Oliver North is the ex-Marine Defense Department aide who helped illegally
sell arms to Iran in order to raise money for the Contra rebels in
Nicaragua, under the Reagan administration, then lied about it to Congress.
Dan Quayle, of course, is our notorious former Vice President and bad
speller. Both appeal to appreciators of the authoritarian image described
in the song. Both retain alarmingly large segments of popular support in
America (North came very close to gaining a Senatorial seat for Virginia,
and Quayle only recently decided against running for President in 1996).

John Cooper

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