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Date: Wed, 24 May 1995 23:56:52 -0400
From: TETROC[at]
Subject: Nick & Wim (and the jbc)

Nick Cave also contributed music for "Until the End of the World" and
"Far Away, So Close", the sequel to "Wings of Desire". I was glad to see
Nick did well on the poll. Of course three of my other choices were in the
one vote only category. Two of these didn't surprise me, but I thought
Leonard Cohen would have gotten a couple more. Ahh well.
* I found the import of "Illuminate" for only fifteen bucks at my favorite
music store here in Pittsburgh. What a score. Of course I nabbed the only
copy of it they had ordered.
* Several listens later... I like it. It's always hard for me to judge a
new album by any of my favorite artists immediately. Just the thrill of
having new material from them makes me less than objective. I think there
are a lot of strong songs on this. Cute Submarines and Old Snakey go through
my head a lot. I really like Beetle George as well. I had hoped that Pat
had stopped his use of sampling but at least there wasn't much of it.
* (Sampling contributes to Big Planet, Scary Planet being my least favorite
jbc album.) Blues for Dead Dean Reed is my least favorite this time around.
* Stylistically it sounds like it came from the Cult of the Basement recording
sessions. I think Scarlett is wonderful.
* Even with the complaints, I'd still rather listen to Pat than most of
what is out there.
* Okay, I have a question. I'm sure this has been covered on this list at
some time or another, so those of you who have been on this list for awhile
bear with me.
* Does anyone have any idea what Max Eider is doing these days? I know he
played on at least one of David J's solo albums. I actually saw him in the
"I'll be your Chauffeur" video. I miss his guitar work. He was a big part
of what got me into the Butcher in the first place. (No dis on Pat. His
vocals and lyrics are what keep me coming back.)
* Just curious.

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