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Date: Wed, 31 May 1995 06:41:35 -0400
From: Lesterfarr[at]
Subject: The Search

>Older JBC material on CD appears to be just as hard to find in London, as
>and others informed me. "Fishcotheque" was the oldest I found; other than
>there were tons of _used_ copies of "Illuminate," a few copies of "BPSP" and
>"Edward's Closet."

When Sky Records released Condition Blue, it was as ubiquitous in Pittsburgh
used record stores as Illuminate appears to be in London. Every store had at
least one, and some had three or four! They *were* marked as promos though.

Once upon a time, around '89, the record stores here were relatively
butcher-friendly. I was able to get Bath of Bacon, A Scandal in Bohemia, the
Hard EP, Sex and Travel, and Fishcotheque on vinyl; plus the Glass CDs of
Bath Of Bacon and Distressed Gentlefolk. (My Bath of Bacon record sleeve has
a pink background while the CD's cover is orange-y. I've seen the record with
the orange background as well... was the pink one a re-issue?) These days,
though, I can only rely on one store to get a new jazz butcher release, and
no one has back catalog stuff.

A question: Was Illuminate released on vinyl anywhere? If so, was there any
difference in the track listing? Kind of a geeky question, I know...

Fred Wheaton

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