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Date: Fri, 2 Jun 95 22:49:58 -0500
From: greg0003[at] (Amy E M Gregoret)
Subject: I call that thing J Edgar

Aahhh, it's good to have a turntable again. The early albums (as well as
12"ers) are back in my circulation. Wahoo! Currently listening to the
[live in] "Hamburg" LP. Has "Western Family" beat hands down for sound
(What ever happened with that pre-mix dat? I lost the message in which it
was offered, but am still curious), and best of all, has lyrics printed in
that Fishy hand.

The next thing I will be posting is (attached) a Word For Windows document
consisting of the goofy little column I write for an equally goofy zine (now
in its second issue). I don't know why. And I hope it doesn't screw things
up . . . it's a somewhat large file (containing, among other things, a line
drawing of a dinosaur skeleton), and I feel trepidation, but what the hell.
Consider yourselves warned. I hope it works. Thank you for your patience.

and an unlimited supply of novocaine,


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