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Date: Wed, 14 Jun 1995 10:04:15 -0400
From: TETROC[at]
Subject: More survey stuff

I went to the survey site last night and filled it out. I don't know if the
results went through or not. I also got a message saying something about the
host not responding.

Actually, I got that message several times in different places. I'm online
through AOL and I have just downloaded new web-browsing software. This is a
new service for us MAC users and AOL admits that there are still some bugs in
the system. I don't know if the message I received referred to the survey or
to something else I was trying. I had clicked on the "Submit results" box
then left the site and went elsewhere. It took awhile for the message to
appear. I didn't sign the survey, but I was respondent #27 according to the
info that came up after I filled it out.

Did you get it?


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