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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 12:55:23 -0700
From: camus[at] (Julian Stewart)
Subject: pat & max

Okay people...

Torture time for the 95% of us who didn't make it to last night's JBC/Max
Eider gig in London. Here's the gig report from my friend, Johnathan, who
lives in London. Lucky bastard!!!


>Date: Wed, 12 Jul 95 18:11:25 BST
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>To: camus[at] (Julian Stewart)
>From: jturner[at] (Jonathan Turner)
>Subject: pat & max
>a quick report on last night's jazz butcher show for you....
>I arrived in time for the last 15 minutes of max eider's set - he
>came on at 8.30, finshed just after 9. Finished with "It had to
>be you" and "Drink," looked cool in shades, backed by a girl
>singer and man in cardigan playing harmonica.
>Middle band, Ubu Swirl, bass, cello acc & elc gtrs, drony &
>velvety, Ok for 10 minutes, kinda dull for 40.
>Jazz Butcher Conspiracy were HOT to match the conditions.
>Pat & his bass player were dumb enough to wear 3-piece suits
>but managed to survive.I didn't recognise much of what they
>played (new stuff, I guess, plus one cover of a Strange Attractors
>song who Pat apparently place drums for, and one song by some
>guy that lives in the Alps).
>Got called back for one encore, where Pat called Max up on stage
>(back from propping up the corner of the bar) where after a little
>on-stage cuddle he got to play guitar on a rocking "Zombie Love."
>Then it was curfew and we had to go home. The JBC hadn't played
>for a while, but that only showed in enthusiasm and not sloppiness.
>Good fun, very hot.

Julian Stewart

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