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Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 00:51:13 +0059 (EDT)
From: MATTHEW M FOGEL <mf94br[at]>
Subject: Summer! And an on-going hunt for Illumination.

Sorry I haven't contributed to the intelligent discourse on the list in a
few months, but I've very little time left on my home account (and I want
to save my minutes to keep up with all of you great folks on this list).

Anyways, I've had a busy summer so far. I'm in the process of trying to
get a company off the ground (Wish me luck --> I deleted an email
chainletter so I'm gonna need it :> ) I'm also desperately searching for
Illuminate (Yes-Still Searching) I have it on order at both indie record
stores in my area so hopefully it will just be a matter of time! I did,
however, find an import of Distressed Gentlefolk on vinyl!!!! Finally,
I'm able to hear the ending of Angels (Which was cut off on my dub of DG)
I only wish I could've found a "New" unopened LP so's I could kid myself
that Pat will see some of the royalties. Well, whatever.

That's about it from That Which Is Matt this time around.
I'll go back into lurking mode again.

See Ya!

: That Which Is MATT "The silence roared displeasure:looking down :
: He saw the shadow of an Average Man :
: Attempting the exceptional, and ran." --W.H. Auden:
: :
: Matthew M.J. Fogel (mf94br[at] :

In real life, I'm currently working on a poetry book. And I'm starting a
club for pretentious would-be writers. Of course, nobody's invited to join.

My ego can't handle competition.

A thought...
"How easy would it be to be home in time for tea and stop feeling like a
sailboat rocking on the sea?" -- Wonder Stuff

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