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Date: Wed, 2 Aug 95 15:26:27 -0500
From: brit0028[at]
Subject: ruiz

Hey all!!
-Just a note of vague relevance and possible interest:

There is an album review in the August issue of CMJ (a rag i Highly recommend
for its free CD each month) for a Minneapolis band called "The Legendary Jim
Ruiz Group". I don't know anything about them, but the review says to file
their album under "breezy, stylized, decade-blurring pop" and it is recommended
if you like Combustible Edison, Everything But the Girl and JAZZ BUTCHER!!!!!!

A quote from the review says:
"Ruiz and Co.s cardigan-sweater finesse and well-conceived lyrics, which often
harbor dark storylines beneath the songs' jaunty rhythms, place them alongside
such unsung heroes as the JAZZ BUTCHER, Biff Bang Pow! and Felt, and there's
certainly much less talented and polite company a new group could keep."

The author's penchant for run-on sentences aside, it is always great to see good
things about The JBC in the American press.

Anyway, the rest of the review makes the The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group's album,
"Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" (on MINTY FRESH Records) sound delicious. I'm just
too lazy to copy down the rest of it. But I think I might try to pick up the

Anybody out there know anything about these guys?

Maa I har det altid godt,
Dan B.
"Stockholm feels such a long, long way away."

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