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Date: Wed, 2 Aug 1995 21:11:23 -0400 (EDT)
From: river[at] (River)
Subject: ruiz

brit0028[at] wrote:
> Hey all!!
> -Just a note of vague relevance and possible interest:
> There is an album review in the August issue of CMJ (a rag i Highly recommend
> for its free CD each month) for a Minneapolis band called "The Legendary Jim
> Ruiz Group". I don't know anything about them, but the review says to file
> their album under "breezy, stylized, decade-blurring pop" and it is recommended
> if you like Combustible Edison, Everything But the Girl and JAZZ BUTCHER!!!!!!
> Anybody out there know anything about these guys?
> Maa I har det altid godt,
> Dan B.
> "Stockholm feels such a long, long way away."


I have the 7" of Mij Amsterdam by the Legendary Jim Ruiz and really like
it. Don't think I'd put it in the same category as the JBC... I mean, it
is a little quirky but much much lighter, more "twee" or "indiepop." In
fact, I heard about them first on the indiepop list. They've got a sort
of bossa nova/cool jazz jangly feel and, well, I guess the guitars could be
considered Butcher-like, but it's pretty simple and soda-poppy. The b-side has
2 tunes, one about Minneapolis, where they are from, and something called
"Jody." Girl and boy vocals - Jim and his wife Stephanie, sax by Brian
Tighe (of The Hang Ups - used their drummer and bassist as well) on Mij
Amsterdam. Guitarist Matt Gerzema, bass Charlotte LaConne, drummer Bryan
Hanna and Chris Ruiz (brother) on piano for "Minneapolis", bass Roger
Seeling and drummer Chris Stock on "Jody." (This stuff from the liner notes)

I'm thinking of picking up the full album after my next paycheck ;)
Oh, and they've played out a bit too - in NYC and up in Providence, I
believe. Hope this helps ya'


The act is beautiful if it provokes, and in our hearts reveals, song.
* - Jean Genet

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