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Date: Thu, 10 Aug 1995 01:08:30 -0400
From: Lesterfarr[at]
Subject: what's in the closet

To the folks who have been wondering about Edward's Closet:

If you have Fishcotheque, Big Planet Scarey Planet, and Cult of the Basement,
this compilation CD is rather unessential. If you really need "Spooky" and
"The Best Way (Edgar Wallace Mix)" on disc, the Canadian Spooky CD is worth
tracking down because it has a radio session tacked on to the contents of the
Spooky single. According to the jbc wwweb page, the track listing is:
Mr. Odd
The Best Way (Edgar Wallace Mix)
Pineapple Tuesday
Keeping The Curtains Closed
She's On Drugs
Line Of Death
The Good Ones

Visit the web site if you can, it's quite swell.
* http://

F. Wheaton
"I'm gonna lay my head on the track /And when the train comes along, I'm
gonna whip it back /I don't want to be a road statistic /I need meat" - I
Need Meat, The Jazz Butcher

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