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Date: Fri, 29 Sep 95 15:24:00 cst
From: JOE BEAULIEU <jbeauli[at]>
Subject: I'm havin' a heart attack!

I used to be a dj at our college radio station (University of Chicago),
* and still kept doing a show until five years after I graduated. One thing
* I thought was really cool about digging up old records in the library
* was that there were usually comments written by the djs when the record
* first came in. For example, our library still had the copy of the first
* Ramones album from when it first came out ('75 or '76?).

* Anyway, we had the 12" single of "Cowgirl Fever". When the hell did that
* come out anyway? I've only seen two copies of it ever. One belongs to a
* friend of mine, and the other was stolen from the radio station. I think
* that it's just Pat and Max, and I don't know what the b-side is.

* "Food food food and sex and sex and food and food and sex"

* (from Cowgirl Fever)

* -joe

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