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Date: Sun, 26 Nov 1995 19:33:35 +0100
From: ecouble[at] (Frederic Bouilhaguet)
Subject: message from Pascal Legras


It's Pascal . I've just seen the JBC Web site. I've liked it very much. It
would be nice of you to put my name as an interactive text with some infos
about me.
I could send you some intersting things if you like. Just let me konw it or
ask Pat.
Anyway, thanks very much for having mentioned my work with the JBC and the
connection with the Fall.

Friendly yours

Frederic Bouilhaguet (ecouble[at]
MdEo Paris - Tel: (33) 16 1 47 28 72 14
* Fax: (33) 16 1 45 06 29 15

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