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Date: Sat, 2 Dec 1995 11:05:33 +0000
From: "Kirk Biglione" <kirkb[at]-remove-server1.DELTANET.COM>
Subject: JBC DOA!

OK OK OK OK, I'm just as stunned by this cryptic announcement of
the emminent demise of the JBC as everyone else on this list. But
before we all work ourselves into frenzied panic it might do us
all some good to consider the facts of Mr. Fish and his musical career.

1. It's unfathomable that Pat would give up music cold turkey. I
just can't imagine him working an office job. If this were the
case, I pitty the poor person who'd have the desk next to him.

2. The Conspiracy, the Sikorski's From Hell and all other variations
of the Jazz Butcher Group have, over the years, been a constantly
changing group of musicians. The only constant has been Pat himself.

3. Pat has been actively involved with several other "side projects"
over the last couple of years.

4. There's been this reoccuring rumour that Max will one day return.

5. Pat, as well as many on this list, have expressed the belief that
the JBC have been written off by the British Music Press as "has
beens". Being a 10+ year old group there's no way they can ever
become "the next big thing". This has also become a problem in the
US where Pat seems unable to secure and/or maintain a record deal,
let alone tour.

Clearly, the very concept of the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy has reached the
end of its usefull life. The notion of the JBC seems to have become
more of a burden than an asset for Pat and his associates.

Having said all this, who's to say that Pat's next musical
incarnation will be any less the Jazz Butcher. To me that seems to
be the real challenge. Especially if Max is involved in any way.
How on earth is Pat Fish going to write and sing songs without constantly
invoking the memory of what was once the JBC?

Kirk Biglione

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