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Date: Tue, 5 Dec 1995 18:23:06 -0500
From: DZembower[at]
Subject: End of the JBC

Perhaps it is time to retire the JBC monicker. Besides, Pat is the source of
the music we have come to follow, not the name. What's in a name, anyway?

Yes, I would agree that the most distressing note of recent days is that Pat
does not plan to play JBC material in his future live offerings after the
aptly named Armaggedon show this month. I for one find this difficult to
believe. I am sure that these songs mean much more to Pat than they do to us
(which is quite a damn bit), and it would be very difficult to give them up
as history.

My concerns...
Personal greedy feeling slighted stuff; will we now never see re-issues?
* Will I never get to see the JBC live again, especially since the one time I
did get to see them the sound was horrible?

My major concern...
Pat's new projects may suck! They couldn't? Look at Morrissey's demise into
mediocrity. In trying to change musical styles, he has shunned any
originality he once had and has become an alternative music cliche. Let's
hope that Pat will not try too terribly hard to change his "image" or "style"
or whatever, and end up becoming another mainstream boring song factory.
* Commercial success is good for the wallet, but generally poor for quality.
* Do any of us really believe that if Pat had attained the notorious fame of,
say, Nirvana, then any of us would have felt the same about his music? Naw!
* We love this music because it touches us, and pleases us, and obviously
pleases the artist.

Anyway, let us not mourn too much. After all, they only make pop records out
of plastic.

Dave Zembower
dzembower[at] (for another day or two, anyway...real internet provider
coming tomorrow)

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