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Date: Wed, 06 Dec 95 14:36:00 PST
From: "Gilmore, Matt" <GILMOREM[at]>
Subject: Commiserating.

(Wow, this is my first posting, and I'm not sure if I'm addressed right. If
this thing goes somewhere odd, terribly sorry for the inconvenience.)

I guess I was glad to see that we were all starting to be supportive, lets
not loose that. I went back and reread the Splatterhouse Effect interview
with Pat on the JBC homepage and right there was a discussion of wanting to
do some things that just didn't seem JBC-like. He makes very clear points
about our expectations of what Jazz Butcher records should do and how Jazz
Butcher shows should be and says that maybe he just has other things to try.
* I agree that it's a dissapointment, for me mostly because I missed the
Chicago show in '92 and therefore have never gotten to the JBC live. It
must be great. I'm sorry I'll miss it.

Still, though, since this is a group of people who enjoy and respect Pat's
work, lets just respect Pat's need to do other things. In all fairness,
just imagine if out of all of the things you've done in your life, people
keep asking you, over and over again, to do this one thing from fifteen
years ago. Never mind how many other great things you've done since then,
just do that one thing again. In interviews Ray Davies (if you dig JBC and
don't know the Kinks, check 'em out. There's a lot of very personal, honest
stuff in there. Some of you will see the connection, some won't. Not my
problem.) Ray talks about touring as the Kinks and everybody's demanding
"You Really Got Me Now" and "Lola." The guy's got 30 years of great
records, but how many decades can you play "Lola" live for before it's just
no fun? I think Pat's just saying that he has whole other things to do. It
doesn't mean that he's going to go conventional on us. And on the topic of
not playing JBC songs anymore, a few years from now he may come back to
them, but it seems like right now he's got other NEW stuff he's excited

If we're fans, lets be good fans and trust Pat. We're fans in the first
place because he did some great records that mean a lot for us. If we could
do it ourselves we wouldn't need Pat. Let's not try to tell Pat how to make


* -mkg

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