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Date: Wed, 6 Dec 1995 22:38:01 -0800
From: philos[at] (John Dylan Cooper)
Subject: Commercial success

At 6:23 pm on 12/5/95, DZembower[at] wrote:

> Commercial success is good for the wallet, but generally poor for quality.
> Do any of us really believe that if Pat had attained the notorious fame of,
> say, Nirvana, then any of us would have felt the same about his music? Naw!

As an Olympia/Seattle Nirvana fan as well as a JBC fanatic, I'll
respectfully disagree on this point! Nirvana were the first band I loved to
achieve megastardom without affecting my feelings for them. If Pat Fish can
become a household name (under any name), more power to him!

John Dylan Cooper

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