25th of April, 1991 (Thursday)
@ Arc Club
London England
[with band of note] [pat solo]
11th of June, 1991 (Tuesday)
@ The Borderline
London England
[with band of note]
18th of June, 1991 (Tuesday)
@ The Mean Fiddler
24 High Street
Harlesden, London England NW10
[audio recording] [with band of note] [songlist]
July, 1991
@ Unknown
The Vaguely Familiar England
[audio recording] [pat reviews] [songlist]
August, 1991
@ Unknown
Pat Fish/Cole Coonce One-Off California, USA
[audio recording] [pat reviews] [songlist]
27th of August, 1991 (Tuesday)
@ Molly Malone's
Los Angeles California, USA
4th of September, 1991 (Wednesday)
@ Whisky A-Go-Go
Los Angeles California, USA
[with band of note] [pat solo]
12th of October, 1991 (Saturday)
@ l'Européen
3-5 rue Boit
Paris France 75017
[extra shit] [photos] [ticket stub]
[ticket for 1991/Oct12.html]
14th of October, 1991 (Monday)
@ Unknown
Vitoria Spain
16th of October, 1991 (Wednesday)
@ Txitxarro
Deba Spain
17th of October, 1991 (Thursday)
@ Unknown
Logrono Spain
21st of October, 1991 (Monday)
@ Central
Valencia Spain
22nd of October, 1991 (Tuesday)
@ Limite
Murcia Spain
26th of October, 1991 (Saturday)
@ Revolver
Madrid Spain
27th of October, 1991 (Sunday)
@ Pepe
Burgos Spain
[extra shit]
28th of October, 1991 (Monday)
@ Periferia
Leon Spain
3rd of November, 1991 (Sunday)
@ Luxor
Cologne Germany
[with band of note]
4th of November, 1991 (Monday)
@ The Loft
Berlin Germany
[with band of note]
5th of November, 1991 (Tuesday)
@ Vier Linden
Hildesheim Germany
[with band of note]
6th of November, 1991 (Wednesday)
@ Knust
Hamburg Germany
[with band of note]
7th of November, 1991 (Thursday)
@ Romer
Bremen Germany
[with band of note]
8th of November, 1991 (Friday)
@ Batschkapp
Frankfurt Germany
[with band of note]
9th of November, 1991 (Saturday)
@ Maxim Gorki
Stuttgart Germany
[extra shit] [audio recording] [with band of note] [songlist]
11th of November, 1991 (Monday)
@ Jazzhaus
Freiburg Germany
[with band of note]
13th of November, 1991 (Wednesday)
@ Utopia
Innsbruck Austria
[with band of note]
14th of November, 1991 (Thursday)
@ Arena
Vienna Austria
[with band of note] [songlist]
15th of November, 1991 (Friday)
@ Orpheum
Graz Austria
[extra shit] [with band of note]
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