The Jazz Butcher Lyrics
These lyrics are straight from the corrective pen (er... typewriter) of the songwriter himself.

Pat Fish said: "Here are the words. All the words, so far as I know. Maybe there's some more out there that we've missed, but - fuck it! that's all the words I's got for ya. So enjoy, why doncha?"

(I) denotes annotations by the Butcher.
(T) denotes tablature.

A Great Visitation Of Elephants After The Great Euphrates All the Saints Almost Brooklyn (I) Angel Station (I) Angels (I) Animals Baby, It's You Bad Dream Lover Bakersfield The Ballad Of Tiny And Clyde Baltic Bath Of Bacon Beautiful Snow-White Hair (I) Beetle George Ben (I) Bicycle Kid (I) Big Bad Thing Big Cats Big Old Wind Big Saturday (I) Bigfoot Motel Black Raoul Blame Blues For Dean Read (I) Buffalo Shame Burglar Of Love Call Me Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present (I) Chickentown Chinatown (I) City Of Night (I) Come On, Marie Conspiracy Cops And Hospitals Count Me Out Cowgirl Fever (I) Cute Submarines (I) Daycare Nation (I) Death Dentist Diamorphine Do The Bubonic Plague Domestic Animal Down The Drain Drink Excellent! (I) Falling In Love Fertiliser Forever Get It Wrong Ghosts (I) Girl-Go (I) Girlfriend Girls Say Yes (I) Girls Who Keep Goldfish Gloop Jiving Grey Flannelette Grooving In The Bus Lane (I) Hard Harlan (I) Holiday (I) Honey Hungarian Love Song Hysteria I Hate Love I Need Meat (I) It Has To Be You (I) JB -v- PM (I) Jazz Butcher -v- Count Dracula Jazz Butcher Theme Just Like Betty Page (I) Keeping The Curtains Closed Kids In The Mall/Kaliningrad (I) Killed Out (I) La Mer (I) Land (I) Last of the Gentleman Adventurers Line Of Death Living In A Village Lost In France (I) Lot 49 (I) Love Kittens Lulu's Nightmare Marnie Mercy Mind Like A Playgroup (T) Mister Siberia Monkeyface Mr. Odd My Desert My Zeppelin (I) New Invention Next Move Sideways Niagara Nightmare Being (I) Nothing Special Olof Palme Old Snakey Only A Rumour Our Friends The Filth Out Of Touch Panic In Room 109 (I) Partytime Penguins Peter Lorre (I) Pineapple Tuesday (I) Poisoned By Food President Chang (I) President Reagan's Birthday Present (I) Racheland (I) Rain Real Men (I) Rebecca Wants Her Bike Back Red Pets (I) Rosemary Davis' World Of Sound Saints Prayer Scarlett (I) Sex Engine (I) Shakey Shame About You She's A Yo Yo She's On Drugs (T) Shirley Maclaine Sister Death (I) Sixteen Years Sleepwalking Soul Happy Hour South America (I) Southern Mark Smith Solar Core Still & All Still In The Kitchen Surf Gear In Idaho (I) Susie Sweetwater (I) Swell Christmas With The Pygmies The Basement The Best Way (I) The Devil Is My Friend The Good Ones (I) The Hairbrush And The Tank (I) The Human Jungle (I) The New World The One You Adore The Onion Field The Ugliest Song In The World The Word I Was Looking For Thing Tombe dans les pommes Tough Priest Truck Of Fear (I) True Stories Turtle Bait Vienna Song (I) Vodka Girls (I) Waiting For Sumo (I) Walk With The Devil Water Whaddya? (I) What's The Matter, Boy? When Eno Sings Whitfield, Sarah & The Birchfield Road Affair (I) Who Loves You Now? Zombie Love

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  • dean reed
    keithjones[at] - the butcher, NN1
    18Dec2009 7:35 PM (7 years 67 days ago)
    I can't remember how, but I was certainly aware of Dean Reed in the eighties. His rather mysterious death certainly attratced attention in the UK press. Later I read Comrade Rockstar. Reggie Nadelson can't write, if you ask me. I did see the BBC show, which was quite interesting but was not helped by the involvement of La Nadelson. The "house" thing is based on an old East German pop song, where the "house" was clearly supposed to be the DDR itself. You'd probably have to ask Steve Winkler about that one...Pat x
  • Dean Reed
    tm-scruggs[at] - T.M. Scruggs, Berkeley, North California
    17Dec2009 10:54 AM (7 years 68 days ago)
    Hi, love your tune on Dean Reed.
    1.) so how'd you happen to come across Dean? I'm guessing from the Comrade Rockstar book and/or BBC production(?) We simply can NOT get a copy of the BBC show here in the US, so I haven't seen it.
    2.) can you tell me/us the long story?: [you wrote]:
    They walked out of the house
    with no trouble at all
    they walked out of the house
    and they went through The Wall
    (This is a vile perversion of a sixties DDR pop song about The Wall. It's a long story. )
  • More tabs please
    bschultz72[at] - brandumb
    12Apr2009 9:33 PM (7 years 316 days ago)
    Butcher, could you do more tabs? I have a tone deaf ear but love playing your songs. Please let me murder them in their proper key...

  • Chords/Tab
    jesusblood[at] - Tofu Fuzzyhead, Somerset
    17Dec2007 1:30 PM (9 years 69 days ago)
    More chords and tab please!!!
  • name
    ed51[at] - Esther from Leicester
    8Apr2007 1:36 PM (9 years 322 days ago)
    hello, my name is esther and im from leicester!!