The Jazz Butcher Conspirators
The Conspirators
Martin Stebbing (Rev. Botus Whiteblood Fleming)
Iain O'Higgins
John A. Rivers
Richard Formby
Mitch Jenkins
Pascal Legras
Alastair Indge
David Whittemore
Von Dämmerung
Wolfgang Tschegg
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Pat Fish (The Butcher)
Max Eider
Steve Valentine
Owen Jones
Curtis E. Johnson
Gabriel Turner
Dooj Wilkinson
Dave Henderson
Paul Mulreany
Richard Formby
Alex Green
Alex Lee
David J.
Graham "Felix" Fudger
Julian Poole
Kevin Haskins
Kizzy O'Callaghan
Laurence O'Keefe
Nick Burson
Rolo McGinty
Sonic Boom
Alice Thompson
Peter Astor
Peter Crouch
Rodney Allen
Joe Allen
Pat Beirne
Jonny Mattock
Tim Harries
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  • dissemination
    jsy[at] - john, norfolk
    2Feb2007 7:21 AM (10 years 22 days ago)
    my friend,

    i am a jobhating english teacher working in norfolk who has long admired your work. a friend recently emailed me a link to the 'angels' video on the infernal youtube thing. whilst there i also discovered a video for 'jazz butcher meets count dracula'. this afternoon i used the interactive whiteboard in my classroom to screen both the aforemetioned works to a class of sixth form literature students. 'and this, children, is what bands used to be like', i said. 'watch and learn.' i think they were impressed and are no doubt off downloading into their hateful arsepods.

    maybe i'll just start teaching the jazz butcher. tutor them in the ways of righteousness etc...

  • Wot about the dogboy?
    markspedding[at] - City of Brighton & Hove
    27Nov2002 7:21 PM (14 years 90 days ago)
    I've been listening to your old records tonight. Hope you are well.