The Jazz Butcher Conspirators Alex Lee
Years Active
Active: 1993 (click to explore)
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Role: Guitar
Credits On
Condition Blue .. Edward's Closet .. Cult Of The Basement .. Unconditional .. Illuminate .. ¡Excellent! The Violent Years .. The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch
Other Projects
The Blue Aeroplanes .. Strangelove (with Julian Poole , John Langley, and Joe Allen )
The Butcher Says..
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  • Alex Lee
    tom[at] - Tom,Oxford,formerly Bristol
    7Mar2003 6:12 PM (14 years 20 days ago)
    Why leave the blue aeroplanes on the verge of 'beatsongs'? Angelo and Alex were a stonking team. The BA's best strikers.
  • alex lee
    1Oct2002 1:45 PM (14 years 177 days ago)
    perhaps the greatest musician of our time (no shit)