The Jazz Butcher Conspirators Dave Henderson
Dave Henderson
Dave Henderson has 4 album credits
Sixteen Years .. Illuminate .. The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch .. This Is Sumo
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Active: 1994-1995 (click to explore)
Dave Henderson
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  • hendo
    fishy[at] - pat fish, NN1
    13Jul2009 7:24 PM (7 years 351 days ago)
    No, sorry. It's a different Dave Henderson altogether.
  • MusicBrainz database inquiry
    azertus+jazzbutcher[at] - azertus, BE
    13Jul2009 5:22 AM (7 years 352 days ago)

    I am inquiring whether the Dave Henderson who played with The Jazz Buther is the same Dave who works for MOJO magazine (and compiles cd's for them)? See [1].

    Kind regards